Private Swimming Lessons

We offer private swimming lessons to ages 6 months and up. Montana Swim Academy knows that in a private 1 on 1 setting, students learn and progress faster than a traditional group setting. Like our other programs, private lessons increase in difficulty in line with the proficiency the student presents. So, if a private student learns basic skills more quickly, then our instructors more easily adapt and adjust to the pace of the student.

These lessons also work great for those with special needs. Each instructor with Montana Swim Academy has the training and experience to provide swim instruction to those with special needs. We make sure that lessons are given at a pace that these students may easily follow. Our goal is always to provide lifelong lessons for a more fun and safe experience in the water. So, our private lessons give a way for these students to learn what they need to while also enjoying swimming. Reach out to schedule private lessons or register today!

Bozeman Location

Butte Location

Private swimming lesson teacher and young boy in pool smiling and showing thumbs-up