Parent & Baby Swimming Lessons

Parents looking to invest early in their child’s swimming education can take advantage of our parent and baby swimming lessons. We have two levels of parent and baby swimming lessons: Starfish & Duckling. These are for children aged 6 months to 3 years old. Each helps to develop the fundamentals of swimming. They help younger children learn not to fear being in the water, while also teaching them independence in the water. These levels focus on fun which helps foster future learning and growth.

Baby Swimming Lesson Goals

Starfish class character icon


Starfish classes primarily focus on water acclimation skills. For some, this may even mean their first few experiences fully submerging in the water. We aim for our Starfish students to gain the confidence to get in the water without the stress and anxiety that they may have at the start of the program.

Duckling class character icon


Duckling classes focus on water survival skills. This includes both learning movement in the water as well as gaining independence while in the water. To move up to Duckling, students must be able to demonstrate the 3 class goals of Starfish.