Reach Your Swim Class Goals

Every student who swims with Montana Swim Academy has swim class goals to work toward. We help students aim for these goals because they function as a step-by-step guide to better swimming. By ensuring that students meet their goals, our team helps them develop fundamental skills for swimming. And, once they confidently master starting goals, students then have the necessary skills for completing more challenging goals. These not only provide students with some of the best ways to learn how to swim, but they also provide students with a clear goal to aim for. For a guide on which of these classes would best fit your child, try out our swimming level quiz. Otherwise, see the different levels of swim classes and their goals below!

Under 3 — Parent & Baby


  • Full submersion
  • No crying, no fear
  • Assisted back float with ears in
Starfish class character icon


  • Independent back float
  • Independent rollover
  • Separation from parent
Duckling class character icon

Over 3 — Water Survival

Turtle class character icon


  • Full Submersion
  • No crying, no fear
  • Assisted back float with ears in
Otter class character icon


  • Independent back float
  • Independent rollover
  • Jump in, rollover, float
Seal class character icon


  • Kick 10 yards on front
  • Kick 10 yards on back
  • Swim, roll, swim 10 yard

Over 3 — Stroke Development

Dolphin class character icon


  • Freestyle 25 yards
  • Backstroke 25 yards
  • Recognizable breaststroke
Shark class character icon


  • Freestyle and backstroke 50 yards
  • Breaststroke 25 yards
  • Recognizable butterfly
Orca class character icon


  • Breaststroke 50 yards
  • Butterfly 25 yards
  • Starts and turns for each stroke