Learn to Swim with Montana Swim Academy

Montana Swim Academy was born to address one of our nation’s biggest problems: Drowning. Drowning today is the leading cause of unintentional death in children aged 0-4, and second leading cause of unintentional dealth in children aged 0-14. Montana Swim Academy offers local, friendly lessons to help any child or adult learn to swim. Our programs offer lessons for anyone, from children ages 3-months to adults of any age. With over 75 years of combined experience, our swim instructors help every student learn through focused, caring instruction. Operating on a survival-first approach, we help students develop into stronger swimmers that can safely enjoy being in the water.

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Learn to Swim at Your Own Pace

Lessons at Montana Swim Academy help our students learn to swim at a level they are comfortable and confident in. We assess the capabilities of each student who joins our swimming programs to better understand what they need to learn. For beginners, these lessons always come in 3 stages:

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Water Acclimation

Because new students have often never experienced being in the water, water acclimation helps them to become more comfortable and confident when floating or submerging themselves in the water.

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Water Survival

Once comfortable in the water, students learn essential survival skills for swimming. This helps not only develop further confidence, but also teaches the foundations of swimming for more advanced lessons in the future.

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Stroke Development

Alongside continued survival skills, students learn more advanced stroke techniques. These include freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke for either casual or competitive swimming

Montana’s Premier Swimming Academy

Montana Swim Academy provides the best environment for teaching confidence and developing swimming skills of students. There are many reasons why parents of students and adult students alike love taking lessons with us. Some of these include:

Focusing on Survival

We believe the first and foremost skill swimmers should learn is survival. Survival skills not only set a great foundation for more development of each swimmer’s talents, but also help parents to have peace of mind every time their child gets in the water.

Setting Goals

Students follow a specific curriculum based on the level of swim skills they have. This helps us to carefully educate students for structured development and guaranteed proficiency.

Building Confidence

Without confidence in the water, no student can progress. We make sure every student feels comfortable and safe during their lessons. This helps them build up confidence to take their challenges head-on.

Cultivating Fun

Not only do we teach swimming lessons to encourage development of swim skills, but we do it in a fun, safe way! We care about each student who comes to us. So, we work to ensure their time spent with us not only allows for productive learning, but helps them leave with a smile.

Engaging Students

Through smaller class sizes, Montana Swim Academy better engages each student. Our largest class size is 4 to 1, on average. This allows instructors to help small groups of students and ensure each individually receives the guidance and support they need better learning.

Endless Availability

As an indoor swimming academy, we provide year-round enrollment for anyone interested. There’s no right or wrong time to start swimming lessons. We encourage new students to join up whenever they feel confident enough to get in the water.

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